Software Research and Development

Internet Applications with High Workload

IT Co. has a good experience in creating high load Internet Applications that are capable of processing thousands of incoming events (user requests, connections, etc.). Successful applications, launched by our development team include:
  • social networks;
  • blogs;
  • video portals;
  • job boards; and
  • distance learning systems, etc.
were successfully completed and launched by our development team.
Most of these IT Co. solutions use embedded Content Management Systems that support multiple domains and languages. Our company is able to perform the estimation of hardware resources requirements accordingly to the application's planned workload as well as set-up and maintain all software related to creating the systems with high load demands.

Automation of Corporate Business Processes

For customers of any size, IT Co. offers a complete set of solutions for Business Processes Management and Automation, including:
  • budgeting and document storage systems;
  • inventory and human resources management software;
  • clients relations management (CRM) applications; and
  • automation for storage and management of corporate information.
Significant efforts of our development team are devoted to creating user-friendly interfaces and setting up access control subsystems accordingly to application requirements when working with Business Processes Management solutions
Our solutions are capable of supporting security subsystems of any complexity, dividing users to groups according to different criteria and rules, adding restrictions of any kinds to users’ actions, and logging all performed operations into separate audit log tables.

Engineering Design and Calculations Systems

The current field is presented in IT Co. solutions through:
  • design systems for cables and pipe transits with modular sealing;
  • solution for calculation of transits, sealed by compounds; and
  • projects management and design applications for electrical subsystems of the ship.
Our solutions in modular transit sealing systems design are used by more than 1500 users over 10 European countries, including Germany and Sweden. We have successful experience in creating cables routing applications for ship yards and ship building plants.
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