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Clients, associates and partners of IT Co. software development company
IT Co. is trying to setup the long-term partnership and strong relations with all their clients. This way we are able to get the maximum efficancy when working with the problems of our customers, related to creating of software solutions for their businesses. Our company is opened for any type of collaboration and business partnership.
Roxtec (Sweden) has been a client of IT Co. for more than 10 years. During this period, the development of special CAD software, Universal Transit Manager, intended to perform the design of cables and pipes transits, was completed. The system is widely used and has more than 2000 client installations in Russia and around the world.
There are two aspects to our relations with DeltaQuest Group: creating back office automation systems (clients and partners relations management, storing corporate information and documents management solutions, etc.) and the development of complex web applications capable of handling high load traffic for DeltaQuest Media Company (global job search network Find Employment, career building blog Career Addict).
IT Co. is involved with Era-Project Engineering Design Company (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) in creating information storing and management applications for designing ship electrical subsystems, including management of ship structure and equipment, cables routing, calculation of openings sizes, cables lengths, etc.
Industrial Trading Company AETEK is an electrical cabinet’s equipment supplier for Russian and SNG markets. IT Co. is responsible for developing e-shop solutions for selling this equipment as well as creating subsystems for designing parts of electrical cabinets.
The Russian Institute of Management, named V.P. Chernov, has been a client of our company since 2008. Our main activities are related to migrating back office automation systems used in the Institute with a new modern platform, rebuilding and adapting this system to satisfy new user requirements, developing and maintaining the main site of the institute, and establishing the distance learning process.
IT Co. is involved in the implementation of software solutions to provide educational services through mobile devices and the Internet through a project, initiated by the Educational Centre Windsor. Our company completes applications for iPhone and iPad mobile devices, allowing students to work with learning cards (lexical chunks) in different modes. Further steps will include creating the same applications for Android and Windows Phone devices and its integration to the students’ accounts on the educational centre’s website.
IT Co. was responsible for developing high performance SMS sending software for Art2Soft (Cyprus) Company. We have created software application capable of sending hundreds of messages per minute. This system allows for simple vertical integration with any software systems via a file system interface.
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