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Ship Project Management (SPM) software for electrical subsystem.
The purpose of this application is to automate the management of the design process of electrical subsystems of the ship. The following main features are implemented in the software.
  • Consolidated central storage and management of all things related to electric subsystem information.
  • Automatic and manual routing of local and long-distance transit cables on the ship.
  • Support for generating standard report sets.
Version 1.1 has been released; version 1.2 is under development.
An information management system for realty companies.
Business processes automation for realty companies, including publication of information, related to estates, on a set of corporate websites via REST interface (Moscow realty and Moscow area realty) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and export of information to a set of specialised realty portals.
  • More than 10 corporate websites where information is published.
  • Export of estates information to more than 15 specialised realty websites.
Version 1.1 has been released; version 1.2 is under development.
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